Cara Pasang Logo Journalstories di Jurnal

This platform was created as part of RJI's mission, which is to assist and develop scientific publications globally. with a focus on journal management. With this platform, scientific journals as well as stakeholders in the scientific publication community. Can conducts an evaluation of himself, to be later evaluated and verified by the scientific publication community. There is no ranking method in this platform, because the principle of this platform is not judgment. But the active scientific publication community together to develop its highest potential. This platform adds badges to journals and articles to make it easier for authors to choose journals, readers choose readings, funding checks the output, and journal managers get development input.

"The stories collected in teach us like the life of ants, that independence does not mean leaving the crowd" is a system that provides information about journals, authors, important topics for journal management, and the collaboration between authors, and research. This system is very appropriate to be used by journal managers, researchers, tertiary institutions, industries, publishers, government, and research funders. The objectives of this system are:

Providing information about scientific journals;
Providing journal information, based on publisher, status, and the relation between the 3 levels of the network, the relationship of the author, the journal, institutions, and the publishers;
Providing and presenting scholar, author, and researcher based on certain competence;
Presenting trend data on research topics in certain periods, fields, and regions;
Providing journal badge for education purpose on ideal scientific journal management;
Providing researcher works badge for education purpose on an ideal scientific works; and
Providing a hub between scientific association to the researcher works, and scientific journal association to the scientific works..

Therefore, we believe that there was always a story behind each article and journal. This platform creates a deposit or repository that collects all those stories through a badge that adds to each journal and scientific works. We invite organizations and associations to put and create their unique stamp to put on to the journal and article, creating new stories and understanding. Each research is considered important because of its usage, impacts, and usefulness. to create new stories after the research is published. as a recurrent practice, research is believed to be a cycle of knowledge, in those cycles, the stories explain how the world works.
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Cara Pasang Logo Journalstories di Jurnal

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Berikut ini cara memasang logo indeksasi RJI ( ), berikut caranya.
1. Logo yang digunakan adalah logo
2. Silakan pilih profil jurnal di sini
3. Klik tombol Embeded, akan muncul kotak kecil pada bagian LINK TO THIS PAGE selanjutnya klik tombol COPY.
4. Buka jurnalnya, tempel kode yang sudah dicopy pada sidebar/ footer/ static page di portal jurnalnya masing-masing.
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